Crafty beers

Rebranding of Swedish micro brewery Kungsstrand. Client: Kungsstrand Bryggeri. Work: Illustration, logotype development, and artwork.

Save the date

Save the date, pre-wedding invitation design. Online registration website and save the date stationary.

LARP Design – Battlestar Galactica

Advert, and in-LARP signs for the Monitor Celestra (Battlestar Galactica). Verge thought it was cool. Client: Berättelsefrämjandet Design and pre-press.

Amnesty International

Bits and pieces I work with pro bono for Amnesty International in Sweden.  Client: Amnesty International Sweden. Design, layout, finished arts.

Darwin Convention Centre

Ads and flyers. Layout, prepress. Client: Darwin Convention Centre, cred Paoli Smith Creative

Information Poster

Information poster for a court case; a clients Journey Map. Graphic Poster. Layout, tweaking of icons, pre-press. Client: The Department of Human Services, cred Paoli Smith Creative

Public Information

The City of Melbourne, Neill Street Reserve information. Flyers, posters and header. Layout, prepress. Client: City of Melbourne, cred Paoli Smith Creative

Melbourne Visitor Shuttle Bus

The Melbourne Visitor Shuttle Bus. Postcards, posters and outdoor banners. Layout, prepress. Client: City of Melbourne, cred Paoli Smith Creative

Meet Darwin

Brochure for Meet Darwin.  Layout, prepress. Client: Darwin Convention Centre, cred Paoli Smith Creative

Länsstyrelsen i Östergötland – report

Report on honor related crimes in Sweden. Client: Länsstyrelsen i Östergötland (Cred Granath Havas Worldwide). Layout, finishing arts.

Länsstyrelsen i Östergötland – hand book

Handbook in how to live with a protected identity in Sweden. Client: Länsstyrelsen i Östergötland (Cred Granath Havas Worldwide). Illustration, layout, finishing arts.


Granath branded Åremjölk, I helped out with the logo and concept. Client: Åremjölk (At Granath Havas Worldwide). Logodesign, finishing arts.

Täby Centrum

All sorts of campaign work, advertising, in-center sign display, signposting. Client: Täby Centrum (At Granath Havas Worldwide). Layout, retouch, logo design, finishing arts.


Patient- and sales folder, sales material, advertising, banner. Client: Actavis, Rosazol (At Granath Havas Worldwide). Illustration, finishing arts, layout.  

Pin for a larp

Custom design, idea by Pjotor, a pin for the participants of a larp called Mare Incognitum. Set on a ship, in a Lovecraftian 1950-setting the tenacles and the classic ship-door design, with details from the ...


Advertising for Decubal products. Client: Actavis, Decubal (At Granath Havas Worldwide). Layout, finishing arts.


Insight campaign, wall tapestry at Arlanda Airport and news paper ads. Client: Fidelity Funds (At Granath Havas Worldwide). Illustration, finishing arts.


Advertising campaign “Solen går upp i väster” (the sun rises in the west). Direct marketing including personalized 3D-printed cufflinks with each receivers initials, booklet and branded packaging. Advertising in paper magazines, outdoor and banners. Client: Fidelity Funds (Cred: Granath Havas ...

Coca Cola Company

Branding a fridge and layout the shelf border stripes for a various of sub-brands. Client: Swedish Coca Cola Company (Cred: Ineko). Layout, finishing arts.

Display units – Bonaqua

Units for in-store display. Client: Swedish Bonaqua (Cred: Ineko). Layout, finishing arts.

Display units – Chiquita

Units for in-store display and out-door banners and beach flags. Client: Swedish Chiquita (Cred: Ineko). Layout, finishing arts.

MER – new flavour

Parts of the in-store campaign to advertise MER’s  latest flavour. Client: MER (Cred: Ineko) Layout of existing material to fit the campaign.

Stim annual report

Annual report Client: Stim Design, layout, pre-press

Glasberga Bryggeri

Local Swedish Brewry Client: Glasberga Bryggeri Logo design, layout, pre-press & printing.

Gogo Get it

Publication, periodical. Layout, photo, writing, pre-press & printing.


Promotional candy wraps. Client: Stadium Promotion Illustration, layout & pre-press.

Blackboard Magazine

Clothing catalog for the Blackboard Lable. Planning, graphic design, layout & pre-press.

Bag hanger

Instruction folder for a Swedbank-branded bag hanger Client: Stadium Promotion Illustration, layout, pre-press.


Product catalog, watches Client: EAS AB Layout, pre-press.


Chronograph, information folder Client: EAS AB Illustration, layout, pre-press.

Show case

Displays, store interior, show case design for fairs & boutiques in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, New York and Arlanda airport. Client: EAS AB Planning, layout, pre-press.

Advertising EAS

Random ads in magazines Client: EAS AB Layout, pre-press.

Grand opening

VIP invitation Client: EAS AB Layout, pre-press.  

Beauty with a thought

Product catalog, jewellery Client: EAS AB Layout, prepress.

Invitation Astoria

Invitation, VIP Client: EAS AB Layout, pre-press.

Lock instruction

Folder instructing the user on how to open the lock. Client: EAS AB Layout, photo & pre-press.